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The Consignment Mixer DNA

I have enjoyed thrifting since a young teenager. Not ever wanting to "look" like the rest thrift stores became my go to shopping outlet. Gravitating to the styles of the 50’s-90’s my wardrobe became a unique time capsule showcasing just how classic and timeless vintage you truly is . In my opinion intermixing vintage and modern pieces helps to keep my styles a bit edgy all while remaining true to my FIRST LOVE...VINTAGE!

I have sold many pieces for others and have now decided to create a website that shows my creative eye for those timeless yet unique items that we all love. You'll see lots of vintage, modern, accessories and hopefully those that will pair well with what you already have in your closet.

I also provide services for those that want to start a Shopify website. My classes are set up to help those who want to learn the necessary tools to be able to forever independently create and change their website whenever they feel the need.


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Build Your Wardrobe Ideas








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